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About SPRO

SPRO is a leading brand of video surveillance technology products. We are a UK based brand with locally based sales, support, training facilities and products.

SPRO partner with leaders in respective areas to make sure our customers enjoy the latest and the best technologies.

We have a broad range of products to meet customer needs for different security levels and project scale. SPRO products serve the needs of residential/small commercial right through to enterprise and high security facilities respectively.



  • professional sector

    SPRO products are the choice of professional CCTV installers who demand the best quality products to stake their companies reputation on.


    SPRO retail CCTV products are easy to install and use, provide tablet / smart phone viewing through the SPRO free app compatible with Apple and Android devices. For desktop and laptop users there is also software available on both Windows and Apple Macs.


    SPRO are committed to provide the highest quality product with the latest technology to provide the best user experience. Our engineers work on cutting edge technologies in camera lens, image sensor, video encoding & transmission, embedded processor, graphic processing, video analytics, software reliability and network security technology.



Through various distribution channels SPRO products are sold to and installed into a range of locations. Although the products are high end and are installed in businesses, they also work out to be just as effective when installed in residential properties.

  • 48%
  • 32%
  • 15%
    Local Government Agencies
  • 5%



Now a leading brand in CCTV equipment, the SPRO brand has been sold and installed in the UK since 2009.


Spro - Story

Supplying all around the UK

The SPRO story began in 2009. Back then CCTV was a highly specialised field with very few companies undertaking installations and cameras were only placed in the most high risk areas. Today CCTV is more widespread and SPRO products can now be seen protecting areas all across the UK, from famous fast food restaurants to presitigious hotels.

Spro - Protect what matters

SPRO Mission

The latest technology for everybody

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products that utilise the latest technology whilst providing the best user experience. We want our products to protect and monitor establishments all across the country but in a non-intrusive way.

Spro - Integration

SPRO Products

One platform, all solutions

All of the latest SPRO products can be integrated with each other. This means that if you have an SPRO CCTV system installed you can use the same app to monitor and control your Video Door Entry system. Why use several apps when you can easily use just the one.


UK Businesses

Tailored for UK Businesses

Sold Around The World

SPRO products are predominantly sold in the UK but is purchased all across the world. The UK is in the forefront of CCTV technology and installations in Europe so it makes sense that SPRO products are built and designed with the UK market in mind.


What we provide

One of the biggest CCTV brands

SPRO is a leading brand of CCTV products in the UK. Product categories under the SPRO brand name include (but not limited to) HD Analog CCTV, IP CCTV and Video Door Entry with each category encompassing many products. We have a range of models to suit different customers ranging from the high end ANPR systems with built-in analytics to smaller domestic CCTV systems to monitor a front door.


The best for everybody

Utilising the newest technologies

SPRO partners with leaders in respective areas to make sure our customers enjoy the latest and the best technologies. We have a broad range of products to meet customer needs for different security levels and project scale. SPRO products serve the needs of residential/small commercial to enterprise to high security facilities respectively.


All Categories.

There are 3 distinct ranges under the SPRO brand. HD Analogue CCTV, which are your traditional BNC systems, IP CCTV are digital CCTV products that run over network cables and lastly the Video Door Entry systems. The Video Door Entry systems run over network cables but the footage can still be captured on an SPRO HD Analogue system if it is connected to the same network, giving you the flexibility to add it to either system.

To see the SPRO Videos please visit our SPRO CCTV facebook / youtube page. Facebook Youtube



SPRO CCTV systems are laced with unique features; some models even have a dedicated AI chipset to help process the high end analytics demanded from our users.


Video Academy

The SPRO Academy is our online knowledge base, providing 'how-to' videos, step-by-step tutorials and informative demonstrations. This helpful content enables installers to build skills and learn new systems, all whilst discovering the latest technology SPRO has to offer.

Active Deterrence

Crime Prevention

Historically old CCTV systems were used to monitor and identify people after an incident had ocurred. With the new Active Deterrence cameras CCTV systems can now be pro-active in preventing a possible crime taking place.
Combining the most advanced motion detecting capabilities the SPRO Active Deterrence cameras will sound an alarm (or voice warning if set) along with flashing blue and red LED's. With the added bonus of a built-in microphone, full 2 way audio can be achieved when setup with an SPRO recorder.


Night Vision Solutions

Having issues viewing your evening CCTV footage? SPRO uses the latest technology to help you capture colour images when most cameras would revert to black and white.

Turn Night into Day

STARLIGHT Technology


Starlight technology gives a CCTV camera the power to capture full colour images at low light levels. This means if there is sufficient light from other sources, such as lamp posts*, then you could be getting full colour pictures all through the night.

*dependant on how much is illuminated

24/7 Colour Image


Utilising the power of Starlight technology, the ColourNight range of cameras incorporate a high powered led that will illuminate a surrounding area. This light can be programmed to come on when dark acting as a flood light.


Single Cable Solutions

With SPRO you can forego the need for running extra cables with our one cable solutions*. Whether you want to record audio using one of our cameras with built-in microphone or power your camera using the same cable as your video feed, we have the solutions to save you time.
*requires suitable SPRO Cameras and Recorders

Audio over cat5e cable

Extra Audio Cables Not Required

Audio over co-ax cable

Extra Audio Cables Not Required

Power over co-ax cable

Power & Video Down One Cable

scan - Check - unlock

Body Temperature
Door Release System

Non-contact automatic body temperature detection and facial recognition.

Three types of detection

Facial Recognition
Temperature Measurement
Temperature & Facail recognition








Where to Buy / End User

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